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    Sodium hydroxide storage tank

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    Product features of sodium hydroxide storage tank:

    1: Material: There are two series. A: All plastic: all made of modified polyethylene. B: Steel-lined plastic: It is a steel tank with a tightly integrated plastic outer surface (the steel mesh is welded to the steel plate, and the steel mesh is integrally cast in polyethylene.

     2: Process: The rotomolding process uses the model to form a whole at one time, and the whole (including the flange mouth of the inlet and outlet) has no joints and never leaks. The outer surface is smooth and beautiful, and the inner surface is smooth, easy to clean.

     3 The material has good toughness. It can withstand external impact (it can be hit with a big hammer without being damaged). Compared with ceramics, FRP and glass-lined products, they are easily damaged and cracked by impact. It is an obvious advantage.

    4 The material is non-toxic and meets food hygiene standards. It can be used for food production, storage and transportation.

    5 Sodium hydroxide storage tank has good corrosion resistance and a wide range of corrosion-resistant media. Resistant to sulfuric acid and dilute nitric acid, resistant to any concentration of hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, amines, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and solutions of this kind of salt, and can withstand any concentration below 60 degrees Celsius Various concentrations of alkali solutions and 50% sulfuric acid, 40% nitric acid. Please inquire for specific media and concentration.

    6 The scope of application of sodium hydroxide storage tank: chemical industry, petroleum, printing and dyeing, dye chemical industry, papermaking, power plant, food, medicine, pesticide, metallurgy, metal surface treatment, electronics and other industries. Respectively used for storage and transportation of corrosive media such as acid, alkali, salt, etc.; absorption and treatment of waste gas; reaction of chemical materials.

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