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    Reflective heat insulation cooling paint to ensure the safety of petroleum storage tanks

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    Oil tanks and oil storage tanks are exposed to the open air, and the surface and internal temperature of oil storage tanks on the ground rises rapidly due to sun exposure. Most of the heat is concentrated on the surface of the oil interface, which accelerates the volatilization of oil. With the development of the national economy and science and technology, more and more attention is paid to energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, the commonly used methods of heat insulation are the use of heat insulation layer, metal coating and water spray to cool down. Although the insulation layer composed of glass wool and foam plastic has a certain insulation effect, once the heat energy is introduced into the interior, even if the external temperature decreases, the heat energy is still not emitted. In order to lower the surface temperature of the petroleum storage tank, it is necessary to frequently spray water to cool the surface, and the inner and outer walls of the spray water pipe are prone to rust. Therefore, the research and development of a new type of reflective thermal insulation coating is of great significance to save energy and protect the environment.

           In summary, the popularization and use of zs-221 sunscreen and heat-insulating paint on storage tanks of petrochemical enterprises is very beneficial to reduce the waste of water resources that are scarce in the country, reduce enterprise costs, and increase enterprise benefits. In addition, when used on light oil tanks, the temperature of light oil products can be reduced by about 10°C, thereby reducing the number of breaths of the storage tank, reducing oil loss, and reducing pollution to the atmospheric environment.

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