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                LCS25D-K2-C seam bag sealing packaging

                It adopts screw feeding and frequency conversion to control fast and slow feeding, which can accurately control the metering of powder materials.

                The high-precision weight sensor (METTLER TOLEDO/Flinteck) ensures the accuracy and stability of each weighing.

                Sturdy scale body, full of materials, designed to be used for more than ten years.

                The parts in contact with materials are all made of SUS304 stainless steel.

                Preferred electro-pneumatic components (knob switch-Schneider, pneumatic components-Airtac).

                It adopts Bafang sewing machine head, which is stable and durable. The sewing method of single needle and double thread makes the sealing place more firm.

                The discharge port is equipped with a dust hood, which can be connected with dust removal equipment to minimize the damage to the human body caused by dust inhalation.

                The bottom bagging mechanism assists the bag filling process to prevent loose materials from taking up space by bridging.

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                Manual weighing and packaging has low efficiency and unstable accuracy. In order to solve the problem of weighing and packaging, the product of packaging scale came into being. Among all kinds of packaging, industrial-grade packaging is particularly important. In order to facilitate disassembly and transportation, industrial packaging has mainly formed two kinds of differentiation, one is the FIBC flexible large packaging bag, and the other is the 25kg small packaging bag. For 25kg packaging, due to the huge difference in material characteristics of various industries, a wide variety of packaging bags of various materials have been derived. LCS25D-K2-C seam bag sealing packaging system, mainly for woven bags, kraft paper bags and other packaging bags that need to be sewn and sealed. It is widely used in food, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. Low prices, first-line quality, and highly cost-effective products have won the favor of customers and become the first choice of customers.

                The equipment is divided into three parts:

                1. Weighing body part: carrying bag clamping device, only need to cover the bag manually to complete automatic weighing. Exquisite weighing controller, simple operation interface, can be used with only a few parameter settings, and 10 minutes of skilled operation.

                2. Conveying part: belt conveyor. Adopting nitrile rubber, it is resistant to oil and dirt, heat and abrasion resistance, antistatic, and the surface is smooth and clean.

                3. Sealing part: the sewing machine single-needle double-thread sewing and sealing, only need to feed the bag mouth flatly into the sewing machine pressure mouth, with the movement of the belt conveyor, step on the pedal button of the sewing machine, you can easily complete the bag sewing. The short thread device hidden in the sewing machine head can complete the thread breaking by lightly bringing the excess thread with the hand.

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                Manufacture professional products and provide in-place services


                The main technical parameters
                Manufacture professional products and provide in-place services


                Main Technical Parameters:


                Weighing range: 25Kg/bag


                Weighing speed: ≤100bags/hour


                Precision grade: ≤±0.2%

                4.額定電壓:AC380V  +10%~-15% 50HZ

                Rated voltage: AC380V  +10%~-15% 50HZ


                Air source pressure: 0.5~0.6Mpa


                Working temperature: 0℃~+45℃(surrounding)


                Relative humidity: ≤90%RH


                Air consumption: 0.1m3/min


                total power:4.1kw

                Main configuration
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                major component configurations

                Electronic component :

                1. cylinder

                taiwan's yadek

                2. solenoid valve

                taiwan's yadek

                3. oil and water separator

                taiwan's yadek

                4. weighing controller


                5. load cell


                6. stitch the head of the charter

                eight sides

                7. motor

                taiwan or real estate

                8. travel switch


                9. knob


                10. contactors


                11. open


                12. indicators and alarm lights

                red wave

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